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Bon Voyage!

I initially launched LITTLE ANXIOUS EXPLORER to serve as a digital scrapbook of my past, present and future travels - particularly those I had planned for 2020 (Oman, Ireland, Krakow, the Baltics, NYC). With none of those trips able to go ahead and being furloughed from my day jobs for fourteen months, I pivoted; turning this blog and its sister Instagram into a home for inspiration, reflections and conversations around travel, mental health, and their many intersections.

I also used this time to learn more about the travel media and journalism space, by taking masterclasses and pitching editors my story ideas. I soon realised that this was where my heart truly lay and blogging took a backseat while I built up my portfolio, writing for publications like TIME, House of Coco, Matador Network, Pilgrim Magazine, and others.

Now that I've gone fully freelance as a travel journalist and content writer, sadly I no longer have the bandwidth to keep LITTLE ANXIOUS EXPLORER going. But I'll leave her right here in case you ever need her, and you can still follow me on Instagram: @homeandawayhannah.

Lastly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of this adventure. If you have ever read anything I've shared here or interacted with my work in any way, your support helped me wake up and chase after the dream I am now living. I hope that, wherever you are in the world, you're living your own dreams too. Stay safe and stay curious!

For my new professional portfolio website, please head here.

Hannah, x

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