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Here at LITTLE ANXIOUS EXPLORER, I talk all-things-travel from ideas, inspiration and itineraries to discovering the culture, flavours and fun of incredible destinations which you may or may not be familiar with. My guides typically involve a mix of city breaks, nature escapes and accessible indulgence to help you curate your own memorable, meaningful trips.


I also chat candidly about living with anxiety, whether at home or away, and how this intersects with the planning, prep and process of travelling. Additionally, sharing some ways in which we can all strive to be kinder to our minds, one another and the planet as global citizens.

Thank you for stopping by today - I hope you'll stay to explore some more! And please feel free to connect with me on social media too, as I'm always looking to expand my little community of wanderlusters, wonder seekers and anxiety warriors.

Stay safe and stay curious,

Hannah, x

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